Why the Tsunami of ‘Performative Allyship’ for #BLM Has Come To Its Painful End…

Cheryl Y Leong
2 min readAug 24, 2020


Photo by Svend Nielsen on Unsplash

The human mind isn’t as complicated as we think. Sure, all the neuroscience today offers knowledge beyond our wildest dreams, BUT… not all of it is needed for sustainable transformation. If the subconscious mind is not sold that change is for optimal survival and pleasure, we can be sure that change will not last.

We subconsciously behave in ways that maintain systemic oppression. Generations of epigenetic adaptations inform the subconscious mind to perpetuate thoughts and behaviors that optimize resources or avoid extinction. Our collective participation maintains power structure.

So if we want genuine personal leadership transformation, our subconscious mind must believe that ALLYSHIP is optimal survival.

Allyship is not new. As a species, we have understood the benefits of collaboration, cooperation, and shared interest. Alliances made us stronger. Strong enough to take down enemies, grow innovation, etc.
The problem is that the mind won’t stay with allyship if it is convinced that it means losing access, resources and slowing us down from attaining full and secured positions. It will also not stay in allyship if we see folks of less or more privilege as the ‘other.’

If the mind saw the ‘other’ as ‘one of its own’ to defeat the enemy of injustice, environmental disasters or pandemics, the entire picture would change. We have got to ask ourselves why allyship is vital to survival honestly. Why global citizenship is our salvation.

California is burning from our collective greed. Unnecessary Covid-19 deaths are happening from our foolish divisions and amoral supremacy.
Allyship is our ONLY collective salvation and a ticket out of this insidious system that targets Black & Indigenous lives, Trans lives, is married to war, exploits people beyond USA’s shores, and invites climate disasters.

Guilt and shame aren’t ingredients for long term change; love is.