Consult for businesses committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion around the rise of COVID-19 hate crimes and harassment.

1. Take a firm stand on Covid-19 Asian/Pacific Islander discrimination zero-tolerance policies. Make this a public announcement.

2. Emphasize the company’s stance on deracializing the coronavirus. …

(I+ U+ Planet+)

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

This article is not peer-reviewed. Instead, this is an independent piece of work that is open to the public for review, discussion and comments. #freethenet #uncolonizeacademia

Abstract: This article applies Transactional Analysis theory in addressing the phenomenon of “Othering” as a transgenerational script that could have roots in hunter-gatherer and…

Cheryl Leong

Author of the forthcoming book “Leading With Consciousness: Cultivating Conscious Organizational Culture.” I am a leadership coach & psychotherapist.

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